EVER GREEN International School  
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  Profile of the School


  Profile of the school 


  Goals and objectives

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The Ever Green International School is a caring and efficient international English medium school providing global standard education at low cost.

It is a private school providing proper education facilities in a fitting manner. The School has a very pleasant atmosphere. It has a boundary wall illustrated with colorful cartoon sketches attraction the students and filling their mind with full of fun and joy.

Teaching Method:


The teaching method is based on American and European Preschool concepts. The Junior Section follows Activity Leaning System to make learning and test interesting. Our School follows the syllabus of the UNIVEOF LONDON.


The Students are taught in English and with computer education to ensure a promising future. The teaching method here is a mingle of discipline, care and sympathy.


The Campus:


Ever Green International School is situated in an attractive campus. It has a spacious state-of-the-art ground surrounded by a beautiful boundary wall. The school houses a playground with luxurious sport equipments and is located in a congestion free and tranquil area with a standard learning environment.


Goals and Objectives:


  • To educate the students with a proper English medium education system;

  • To provide well rounded education;

  • To develop confident personalities for a brighter career;

  • To train them fluency in English;

  • To make the students well disciplined and physically fit;

  • To facilitate a cultural environment with ethical, human and rational approach reflecting national heritage values;

  • To maintain an international standard and a good quality of education;

  • To make them honest and loyal;

  • To help the students develop their physical and mental capacity;

  • To make them responsible, patient, patriotic citizens of the country;

  • To enlighten the candle of English medium education in this area;