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About the Organization


HIV/AIDS Prevention Program:


The HIV/AIDS program was initiated by Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation in 2005. The first project implemented in Goalando Brothel by the technical support of SHARP, and later on with the support from the Global Fund for Women, USA. The purpose of the project has been to reduce the vulnerability of STI/HIV/AIDS of the target beneficiaries (Residence Sex Workers) at Lalbagh and Kamragirchar thana areas of Dhaka City. The objectives of the project have been Peer Education, Referral of STI patients to clinic, counseling, condom promotion and awareness building to improve the awareness scenario, understanding and knowledge of the target populations about prevention of HIV/AIDS by taking preventive initiatives and awareness raising programs.


The goal of the project has also been to ensure the rights of Residence Sex Workers by training them to change their behavior to ensure safe sex practice and develop their knowledge about STI/STDs, HIV/AIDS and to make them conscious about the use of condom. The project targeted to help prevent the infection of HIV/AIDS among RSWs and their clients also. It also aimed at developing a safe sex behavior among the target group.


Bangladesh is surrounded by high prevalence areas such as the states of Manipur and also neighboring country, Myanmar. In these areas the authorities concerned are now grappling with the increasing number of HIV positive people. In all probability, the proximity of these places to the so called Golden Triangle is responsible for such a situation. In addition, the sprawling sex industries in Thailand and India are not only posing threat to the individual countries, but also to other countries including Bangladesh. A survey report has depicted the HIV situation in Bangladesh in this way: Seer-epidemiological survey carried out so far in Bangladesh indicates early epidemic; fortunately, the country is still a low prevalence area.


So far more than 3,50,000 individuals have been screened serologically in the country both from public and private sources. According to the Bangladesh Government Report, the cumulative number of HIV/AIDS cases in Bangladesh now stands at about 50,000. But according to a report by WHO, the actual number is around 1,00,000 and its increasing everyday which is quite alarming for a nation. On the other hand, there is no Medicine/ treatment about AIDS diseases. For this reason, our organization has taken up many kinds of programs to prevent HIV/AIDS, STI.


Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation aims to raising awareness among the people, particularly youth, adolescents and  street children, youth /adolescent students, domestic workers, transport workers (truck, bus, tempo drivers and helpers), hotel/restaurant workers, commercial sex workers, industry workers, professional blood donors, infecting drug users etc, to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and STD even further. 


It organizes various programs such as awareness raising trainings, workshops, seminars, public discussion meetings, grand rallies, bazaar meetings, community meetings, home visits, and also produce banners, animated cartoons with necessary information on HIV/AIDS to develop the awareness of the target people. In this way, in between July 2005 to June 2007, about 5000 people, particularly youth and adolescents, received the benefits from such awareness activities on HIV/AIDS. As a result they have become more conscious about HIV/AIDS and STD and also about sexual health, reproductive health, BCC service, primary health care etc.


During this period, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation has produced several animated cartoons, songs, banners etc. These BCC materials provided with the necessary information about HIV/AIDS to both literate and illiterate people in the target areas. Since July 2005 to June 2007, about 1500 people, particularly the youth, adolescents, transport workers, (bus, track, tempo drivers, helpers etc.), injecting drug users, sex workers, call girls, NGO workers or staff, factory workers, vulnerable youth and women groups, MSM etc. received awareness training on HIV/AIDS, STD, and its protective means alongside gaining knowledge on reproductive health, sexual health, primary health care etc. After arranging such trainings, these target people are becoming more conscious about HIV/AIDS & also about sexual health, reproductive health, primary health care etc. These trainings will help these people to disseminate their knowledge among their family members and neighborhood and make them aware on HIV/AIDS, STD & different social issues. Besides, during the above mentioned period, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation organized 2 district level workshop/seminar, 8 action researches among sex workers and their clients (Goalanda brothel, Mymensingh brothel, Residence Sex Workers), 10 grass root and slum level workshops, 10 NGOsí workers awareness programs, hundreds of community meetings, hundreds of courtyard meetings, 2 rallies on HIV/AIDS awareness and over 500 home visits etc. about HIV/AIDS and STD. (see more)




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