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About the Organization

Establish Gender Equality, Women Human Rights and Good Governance:



Bangladesh consists in the most traditional background that gender discrimination is common feature, less job opportunity; economic dependency and abuse of womenís right and illicit trafficking of girls and women are major reasons leading to increase discrimination against women. Women are disproportionality infected with HIV/AIDS fro biological, social and economical reasons. Adolescentís girls are much more oppressed. The low social status women in many poor countries encourage gender discrimination, domestic and sexual violence and psychological abuse. In Bangladesh, women constitute almost half the total population (48.5%), 85% of them live in the rural areas and are usually kept apart from men other than their family. Here the men dominate women in both rural and urban areas, regardless of their class identity. Gender awareness and womenís legal right activities under Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation are initiated with the objectives of increasing social awareness on gender related issues and to extend the legal supports to its target beneficiaries to establish women's legal rights for eliminating all types of discrimination against women. The economic, gender discrimination, social and physical right imbalance between men and women contribute to the luck of safety in sexual relationships and the difficulty for many women in negotiating safer sex. The right differentiates between men and women. Compounded by age differences, subordination in education, employment, social and legal status makes women more vulnerable to any infections. Women who have limited access to financial resources are more likely to become economically dependent on men, relegated to the subsistence sectors or forces into commercial sex works.  


The objective of this project is to establish gender equality, women human rights and local level good governance involving local people. They were imparted series orientation and training to work on the 6 issues: Increase Birth Registration, Increase Marriage Registration, Protect Early Marriage, Protect Violence against Women, Reduce Family Violence, Increase Women Participation in decision making process. All these activities contributed to women empowerment and protection family violence and violence against women as a whole.


Good governance is necessary to keep balance in gender equality, rights, health and nutrition etc. if it is possible to scale all women and men with same consideration then it must be possible to eradicate the gender discrimination from our society. Imbalance attitude towards women must lower their latin skill to bloom. So it is necessary to have good governess in every sector. We have to look and keep consideration on women legal rights; they should not be deprived from the advantages that come out from our society, country and from the world. So we should maintain good governess to keep balance status of a nation.




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HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Maternal & Child Health Care Interventions

Education Program Advocacy on democracy & human rights, legal aid support

Basic Education for Working Adolescent program Promotional Activities

Anti Tobacco Activities Expanded Health & Education Program Project

Anti Trafficking Movement Social Mobilization Programs with Vulnerable Group

Family Planning Interventions Institutional Building through Training Program

Disable Awareness & Rehabilitation Child Sexual Abuse Protection Movement

Adolescent Girls Program Water and Sanitation for Sustainable Development

Establish Gender Equality, Women Human Rights and Good Governance

Poultry and Livestock Program Technical Services for Poorest


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Anti Trafficking Campaign Dowry Prevention Campaign Cultural Program Child Rights Awareness Campaign Nutrition Training Gender Training Stop Child Marriage Awareness Campaign Advocacy for Women Rights Womenís Day Assembly Women Livelihood Training Child Health Care Non-formal Education Session Capacity Building Training for Local CBO/NGO Capacity Building Training for Network Member Peer Educators Training Stakeholders & Volunteers Training Food Preservation Program for Farmer Human development and leadership training HIV/AIDS Awareness Session Anti Smoking Campaign Staffs Training Adolescent Girls Program Income Generation Activities  Arsenic Mitigation HIV/AIDS Training Session Advocacy on Democracy and Human Rights and Legal Aid Support Maternal & Child Health Care Interventions