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About the Organization


Child Sponsorship and Child Orphan center is another program where orphan children and their family get education, shelter, food and several training. We have two orphan centers at Gangachara in Rangpur district and Aditmary in Lalmonirhat district in Bangladesh. We also provide them play environment where they can have fun, learn and develop the skill of social interaction. We also training/teach them about morality and inspire them a sense of community and respect for their fellow human beings.

Rainbow Orphan Program is a different program of other NGO’s program, we find out orphan and admit our orphan school. We look after these orphan about eighteen yeas old.   and inform some donor who can bear his expanses,    has no official affiliation with any local or foreign organization upon which it can depend for steady financial support. Thus our children's home relies solely upon the generosity of individual sponsors for its income to upkeep the house and support the children's development.


  • To provide a safe and secure home for orphan and helpless children.
  • To provide nutritious food. We ensure the children receive a balanced diet.
  • To provide basic health care, hygiene advice and all the essentials they need to stay healthy. We have a health worker to look after them.
  • To provide a safe play area, where the children can have fun and learn and develop the skills of social interaction.
  • To teach the children the ethos of morality and instill in them a sense of community and respect for their fellow human beings.
  • To provide good education to allow each child to reach their academic potential and open up opportunities for their futures.
  • To provide the essentials required to receive an education i.e. stationery, uniforms etc.
  • To provide our children with the best available educational opportunities and medical care.

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